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Fun scarf and fun bag June 2, 2008

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My friend sent me a very cool skein of yarn. It even smelled cool. How did she do that? I don’t know.

This is the end result. A scarf, of course:

Closeup of the fringe:

The best lighting was in the bathroom, sadly.

I found a cute purse at a yard sale last weekend. See where the buttons are? You can take the cover off and put a different one on. But I like this one the best:


Conservative Sweater Lust and Geeky Patterns May 14, 2008

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Stephanie Japel\'s Cropped Cardigan with Leaf TiesScarves,

I suspect, instead of my originally planned sweater, that I’ll knit this, Stephanie Japel’s Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties. Why? Simply because it’s so much smaller and should use less than 1000 yards of worsted weight yarn. Between the smallness and the relative simplicity of the pattern, I might even finish it in time to wear it during Summer. We’re not quite there, yet, so maybe I can manage, right?

Chances are good that I’ll go back and forth on this a couple more times, though…

I’m surprised that you’ve been having a hard time finding geeky patterns. Even just Knitty yields a couple results – a klein bottle hat

Klein Bottle Hat, from Knitty and a scarf, named for one of the intrepid discoverers of DNA’s double-helix structure, Rosalind.


DNA and tea

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So I want to make some version of this:

Probably very small (ugh, will have to break out the teenytinydriveyouinsane needles). There needs to be more nerdy knitting patterns out there, or at least more that I am aware of. Maybe a water molecule pattern, except I hate chemistry.

Also, I want to try a version of this, but needle felted instead of sewn. And with green tea.

I keep wanting to make things that don’t have a function.


It’s about damn time. May 5, 2008

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Dear Scarves,

I didn’t really buy much at MD Sheep and Wool this year. I’m not sure if that’s an accomplishment or a sign of my lackadaisical crafting of late. It’s sensible, according to my budget, at least. But I wish I’d gone with a plan to find some yarn to make a sweater. Catch-22, since it’s only through going that I grew more determined than ever to finally knit one.

I am more than capable of knitting a sweater by now. I have pretty steady tension, can eyeball things reasonably well, and knit fast enough when I’m focused that it won’t take me fo-re-ver to finish. Or maybe just not any more “forever” than it takes me for any other project.

Besides, I really want to own this. Minimalist Cardigan, from Interweave Knits It’s the perfect sweater for me. Three quarter sleeves, so it’s not getting in the way and a minimalist, conservative silhouette. I think the balanced knitting and purling of a sturdy moss stitch would suit me well too.

Now I just have to choose an appropriate yarn (that I can afford)in the next month or so and get 1100 yards of it. Worsted, drapey (the original is a wool/alpaca blend and woe betide me if I don’t make sure the yarn has some drape, at least), it shouldn’t take too long to knit up 1100 yards or yarn, right?

I just can’t decide between the merits of acrylic’s easy-care possibilities and an all-natural, maybe even luxury fiber blend’s heirloom feel. Thoughts?

And besides, we need to figure out what to do for the knit-a-long. I think a sheepy design on cotton coasters or little cloths could be a great and amusing idea. Did you have any new ones?

— Skewers

P.S. L got some yarn at Sheepie Fest that might be almost as bad as the ones you love. I worry I might have offended her with my honest and enthusiastic “augh!  I could never knit with that!!”, though… I’m so used to my enthusiastic “oh, that’s awful” being greeted by amused laughter, like when you show me some new specimen of horrible yarn that you adore! I tried to explain, but I might have to try again. And really, how easy is it for someone to understand that your horror over their yarn choice doesn’t make you think less of them at all, and in fact might bring back fond memories of your knitting buddy?


don’t inhale March 13, 2008

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I need to obtain the pattern for this and knit it. NEED to.

Except I would make it black and hot pink.


Dishcloth Disorder March 11, 2008

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I have knitted 2.85 dishcloths/washcloths in approximately 24 hours. <lj-cut text=”Hello, my name is Skewers and I am a yarn addict.”> Clearly, I am suffering from some kind of knitter’s malaise. All of my current projects are too annoying Snicket Socks, with my naturally achiote-dyed Peruvian wool), incredibly ready to be frogged (Rivendell Cloche, at too tight a gauge with too-stiff Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride), too knitpicky (H’s scarf — Halcyon, S’s cowl, Ice Queen, also from Knitty), too interminable (J’s baby blanket), or simply long-forgotten (that goddamned lace project Candle Flame Shawl which I should just frog and get it over with, but I’m not quite ready to give up and I hate the yarn anyway, so what’s the rush??).

Enter: the dishcloths and washcloth. Quick to knit, easy to make from whatever cotton dischloth yarn is handy in my stash (thanks to Scarves and one of our many trips to Michael’s), whatever needles I can find (since I compulsively lend them and lose them this way) in the range of 5-10 (this is a big range, for you non-knitting folk), they provide instant gratification.

I wish, at this point, that everyone would just let me stop everything else (mostly work) and knit them dishcloths. I feel virtually no interest in keeping them. Owning them, yes. But it’s through sheer force of will that I’m not giving the two finished ones away. And even the delightfully soft pima cotton pointelle washcloth I’m keeping is, in a sense, for someone else. There is some strange disconnect between how much I want to own a pile of knitted dishcloths (a lot), how much I want to knit them (a lot), how many I have knitted to give away (a lot) and how many I want to give away (all of them). Weird, no? And not in the least altruistic-feeling. The whole shenanigan has the texture of a compulsion, a thing I’m doing because it feels good and I can’t quite help myself. Also, if I finish up all of the cotton yarn in my stash, I can justify buying more. This is what passes for stash-logic, apparently.

I am at least not alone in this. For starters, there’s the gals at Mason Dixon Knitting, two ladies who somehow manage with this obsession all the time.

They do make me feel a little like an addict, though. It’s not that I should be doing other things (which I should) or that I already have upwards of five projects on the needles (it’s true), or that there are way more interesting things in my queue (also accurate), or that I really do appreciate and adore the people I’m knitting for (even though it’s nigh unto impossible to feel guilty about taking forever on a handknit, especially when lace and or beads are involved), or that there’s a baby on the way and I’d like to have their blanket ready (I would!). It’s more the way I pick up a fresh ball of dishcloth cotton and think “just one more row should take the edge off.” Edge? What edge?? Huh? The one I just cast off?

Or, as bedtime nears, picking up a simple project like the last bits of a washcloth “just to help me relax a little.” As if I don’t have a vibrator in bed for that very purpose! For serious, guys. Maybe this is a disease.

Anybody want a dishcloth?


eyes shut March 3, 2008

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So I’ve noticed that I have much better orgasms if my eyes are shut. Whether I’m by myself or with somebody, the orgasm is a lot more intense and overall better with my eyes closed. I’ve tried it with my eyes open, and it’s completely weak in comparison. What’s up with that?

Questioningly yours,