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I have arrived. July 11, 2008

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My progress on Bob is stalled.  He is teal and legless.  This is the part of creating the world where I rest (or at least Bob does, ’cause he doesn’t have to go to work or anything).

However?  In terms of spinning, I feel like I have arrived.  Silk hankies, stretched into pencil thin roving, may be one of the most suprisingly easy things to spin on a drop spindle *evar*, but still… I feel like I have finally arrived as a spinner, when I have time to pick my nose while the spindle is whirling.

Boo-yah.  :-p

— Skewers

And hey look — pretty stuff I spun a couple weekends ago…

And hey look -- pretty yarn I spun a couple weekends ago.  L to R?  Silk DK, Merino Laceweight, Merino/Mohair Blend in a range of styles.

L to R? Silk DK, Merino Laceweight, Merino/Mohair Blend in a range of styles.


spinning wheel envy June 7, 2008

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So how are things going with the spinning wheel? Is it getting plenty of use? Does it have fights with your harp for a coveted space in the front room?

I still really want a traveling wheel.



new employment February 8, 2008

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I got the job that I was wanting! I am so excited, but also anxious at the same time (what’s new?)  I will hopefully start next week, it all depends on how graciously I can leave my current place of employment.

The new place is full of hippie-like people that love the environment as much and more than I do. I bet they will be a lover of the fiber arts as well.

I think I might buy myself a drop spindle for spinning cotton as a “congratulations to me” present.

Elatedly yours,



Mmm…. lazy. February 3, 2008

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I had the most fabulous, lazy day yesterday. After sleeping all snuggled into a bed with two lovely ladies (on the outside, fortunately — warm, but not too hot), I spent a good portion of it lazing around on the same bed with the same two lovely ladies. Wooot! My sweetie wasn’t feeling quite herself, so her dear wifey and I got the chance to chatter a lot and there was more collective snugglage than there would have been, had aforementioned sweetie been up for beating and fucking. Mmmm… fucking…

Unfortunately, I discovered that reaching orgasm while not-breathy is not-easy. Fuck you, asthma, and the horse you rode in on. Stay out of my sex life!!

On a more serious note, I find lots of thoughts about monogamy, non-monogamy, polyamory, commitment, and general issues of life plan fluttering about my head a lot these past few days. It couldn’t have felt more natural for sweetie to play lazily with my pubes while I lay half atop her and her dear wifey was lounging next to us. Something tells me this is not the way people usually feel about these things. It’s like my girlfriend leaving and the process around it broke me open to new experiences, new ways of being, rather than just breaking me. These same thoughts are trying to weave into thoughts of spiritual aloneness and community — there are thoughtfishies swimming around in there, just waiting to come together into some kind of new discovery or epiphany. I can feel it, but I don’t know where it’s going quite yet…

Oh, and I have four skeins of handspun hanging to dry in my bathroom at the moment. My favorite is wool/alpaca in a whole range of swirly, grey, and earthy tones. I wonder if it’s enough to make toe-up anklets — the texture seems right for it.

This one made me think of my lawyer-sweetie.  There’s black and white (traditional colors of Justice), but on closer examination, there’s actually bits of color and the black is really grey… like life.  And, in real life, Justice.  I know.  Totally geeky.  The grey strand is wool/suri alpaca and the white strand is wool/bamboo/silk noil.  Also totally geeky.

Justice yarn.

There’s also some red yarn, but the pic turned out crap.  And there’s some linen,

Wet spun linen

which made me want to poke my eye out and sleep for a hundred years.   Maybe that’s what Aurora was doing – trying to spin flax?

More on how to spin flax soon — because the advice I found online was either crap or nonexistent.

— Skewers


Happy to be blue February 1, 2008

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As Skewers will attest to, I’m not very fond of blue. Don’t even get me started on the navy variety.

But I finished spinning up the last of the x-mas roving she gave me, and I think this is the most gorgeous blue I’ve ever seen in my life.

The pooch modeling it for me: