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Who are you and why am I here? November 26, 2007

Scarves, a dedicated scarf knitter, currently resides in California (and her little dog too!).  Somehow, the balmy weather has done relatively little to discourage her scarf knitting.  She likes insanely bright colors and novelty yarns.

Skewers, who did not follow Scarves to California, freezes in Washington, DC winters and suffocates in DC summers and, as a masochist, likes to knit with tiny little sticks and tiny little yarn.   She spins this stuff too, because she’s nuts.

We have the exact opposite taste in knitting, which means that we have never and will never fight over yarn sales, but continually wonder why on earth the other person would knit that awful thing!  Except mauvey pink.  We are united in our hatred for mauvey pink yarn.


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