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Fun scarf and fun bag June 2, 2008

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My friend sent me a very cool skein of yarn. It even smelled cool. How did she do that? I don’t know.

This is the end result. A scarf, of course:

Closeup of the fringe:

The best lighting was in the bathroom, sadly.

I found a cute purse at a yard sale last weekend. See where the buttons are? You can take the cover off and put a different one on. But I like this one the best:


4 Responses to “Fun scarf and fun bag”

  1. Skewers Says:


    That is the most singularly hideous yarn I have ever seen. I do not know how you managed to knit it for more than ten minutes without passing out or losing your lunch.

    But at least it’s clearly handspun; there’s merit in that.

    I bet the yarn smells of Nag Champa (which I actually think smells awful), as does a beautiful red and gold ball of handspun the same friend gave me not so long ago.

    With love and bemusement,


  2. poweroffluff Says:

    It’s one of my favorite yarns I’ve ever used! I love the colors, and the little colored threads that were spun into it. I’m going to try that with some handspun of my own.
    Do you think maybe I was dropped on my head as a baby and that’s why I like such ugly yarn?
    And how can you not like Nag Champa? That is one of my favorite smells in the world. Reminds me of friends, college, hanging out and comfort.

    Head injuredly yours,

  3. poweroffluff Says:

    and you didn’t say anything about my purse 😦

  4. Skewers Says:


    Head injury?? Whaa?

    …The purse is teh adorable. And don’t forget — you think my yarn is ugly, too.

    I do like the incredible variaton, though. Is it soft?

    – Skewers

    P.S. Nag champa smells like manure. And unwashed hippies.

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