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DNA and tea May 14, 2008

Filed under: pattern lust — poweroffluff @ 4:11 am
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So I want to make some version of this:

Probably very small (ugh, will have to break out the teenytinydriveyouinsane needles). There needs to be more nerdy knitting patterns out there, or at least more that I am aware of. Maybe a water molecule pattern, except I hate chemistry.

Also, I want to try a version of this, but needle felted instead of sewn. And with green tea.

I keep wanting to make things that don’t have a function.


2 Responses to “DNA and tea”

  1. Skewers Says:


    Take a look at the next post — there are a whole bunch of geeky options available!

    – Skewers

    P.S. I’d love to see what you come up with re: the needle-felted teacup. Could you make it look swirly, like the milk had just been stirred in?

  2. poweroffluff Says:

    but see, I don’t put milk in my tea.

    -milkless Scarves

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