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Conservative Sweater Lust and Geeky Patterns May 14, 2008

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Stephanie Japel\'s Cropped Cardigan with Leaf TiesScarves,

I suspect, instead of my originally planned sweater, that I’ll knit this, Stephanie Japel’s Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties. Why? Simply because it’s so much smaller and should use less than 1000 yards of worsted weight yarn. Between the smallness and the relative simplicity of the pattern, I might even finish it in time to wear it during Summer. We’re not quite there, yet, so maybe I can manage, right?

Chances are good that I’ll go back and forth on this a couple more times, though…

I’m surprised that you’ve been having a hard time finding geeky patterns. Even just Knitty yields a couple results – a klein bottle hat

Klein Bottle Hat, from Knitty and a scarf, named for one of the intrepid discoverers of DNA’s double-helix structure, Rosalind.


2 Responses to “Conservative Sweater Lust and Geeky Patterns”

  1. poweroffluff Says:

    I love the double-helix scarf. That sweater picture kind of freaks me out, was it originally cropped to cut her face off, or did you do that? The sweater is all fine and dandy, it’s the model that scares me.

  2. Skewers Says:


    Clearly, she is a sweater zombie out to get you and that is why her face is cut off.

    And no, I didn’t do that — it’s the way the pic is online. Mercifully, in the book at least, they included her face.

    I want to make the double-helix scarf for a friend of mine’s Mom who does AIDS research. Perfect, no?

    – Skewers

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