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eyes shut March 3, 2008

Filed under: Sex — poweroffluff @ 2:47 am


So I’ve noticed that I have much better orgasms if my eyes are shut. Whether I’m by myself or with somebody, the orgasm is a lot more intense and overall better with my eyes closed. I’ve tried it with my eyes open, and it’s completely weak in comparison. What’s up with that?

Questioningly yours,



2 Responses to “eyes shut”

  1. Skewers Says:

    Hm. I have a few thoughts, but I definitely don’t have an answer, per se.

    For starters, when I get all hot and bothered, I prefer to turn the lights down low because it’s like my eyes become too sensitive. Niggling discomfort like too much light, or an itch I can’t reach (rather than pain, which you know I enjoy) can really take a bite out of my own experience of pleasure.

    Then there’s the whole sneezing thing. It’s a silly little paroxysm and if you don’t close your eyes, it hurts. Orgasm — also all spasmy-like, at least for a lot of people; perhaps again it’s a minor discomfort kind of thing?

    Consider as well the possibility of this tiny piece of sensory deprivation as a technique that heightens your awareness of the way your body feels. And how your body feels is pretty much all that you want to pay attention to if you’re going to have a fantastic orgasm, right?

    I kind of wonder — if you used a blindfold but kept your eyes physically open, or perhaps were in genuinely pitch black, how would it compare?

    Curiouser and curiouser,


  2. poweroffluff Says:

    Or I wonder if it’s something I’ve conditioned myself to. Like, I shut my eyes for so long, that now my body EXPECTS my eyes to be shut for a good orgasm. And not having them shut throws my body off. Pavlovian orgasms, baby.

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