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Knitted Jellyfish and Buddha Butt Plug Joy February 22, 2008


I found a whole bunch of knitted jellyfish online.

This one is the cutest, I think, found over at Emma’s blog, some cool knitterly lady studying classics in VA. Her jelly blog post is here.

He looks particularly menacingly crazy in this photo, though: , don’t you think?

This, the first hit I found for “knit jellyfish” on Google, is the most elegant of the bunch and includes a free pattern. The free pattern for this pink and black textural beauty of a jellyfish can be found at the Luscious Gracious’ clan’s crafty blog here.

What I really want to knit next is this, though. Take a gander at Bob.

. I know exactly who to make it for, too, only I think everyone will want one. What does that say about my friends??

And I got a shiny new toy in the mail today.


The Tantus Little Flirt Anal Plug. Doesn’t Buddha look cute with it? I lost my old one, which was also, apparently, the old version. It was a wee bit inclined to slip out — this one is supposed to be cured of that difficulty. I’m so excited to try it and see if this new design, with a narrower, rectangular base and a longer, more slender shaft, works for me. I feel silly needing the tiniest butt plug known to mankind when my cunt is so accomodating, but some things ought not be rushed. Anal tissue isn’t like vulvar or vaginal tissue; it is not as resilient, does not repair as quickly, and is simply not built to withstand much in terms of pressure or friction. All this, for me, boils down to a teensy weensy new plug, in a fetching shade of copper.

Buddha and the plug are getting more comfortable in this pic. I like to think of them as buddies. The pairing reminds me a lot of the lovely products over at Divine Interventions, home of the Baby Jesus Butt Plug. I leave you a lovely, pleasurably pink piece of heresy.

Go take a look: Divine Interventions.

Heretically yours,



2 Responses to “Knitted Jellyfish and Buddha Butt Plug Joy”

  1. poweroffluff Says:

    You know in that second picture, the jelly looks like Grimmace from McDonaldland.

  2. Skewers Says:

    You’re totally right. It’s weird, but true.

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