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Masochistic knitting. February 18, 2008

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Is it crazy for me to knit this? Black laceweight on size two needles? (Except it won’t be, because I can’t find those, because people are stealing my needles all the damn time! And besides, I thinkI have some socks on my twos right now, so it may be size three instead).

I’m working on the gauge swatch. It has already taken forever. It would be for the dominant/sadist in my life, though, so I feel like it’s the perfect excuse for masochistic knitting. What do you think?

— Skewers

PS — Update:  I just won a pair of Addi Turbo Circular needles (retail around $16) on Ebay for $5, including shipping.  Holy shit!  I’m hooked!  (And that’s what I’ll use to knit this — size 3 Addi Turbo Circulars).


3 Responses to “Masochistic knitting.”

  1. poweroffluff Says:

    I wish I had the patience to knit that, ’cause I love how it looks.
    I think I have a set of your size 2 needles ::sheepish grin:: You gave them to me to work on socks.
    I am working on a scarf (surprise surprise) to send to my internet friend in Missouri. She’s freezing her butt off, and hates it. So I thought I’d cheer her up. Nothing special, just k3p3 ribbing, but I luuuuuuuuuurve the yarn.

  2. poweroffluff Says:

    God damn you Skewers! I really want to fucking knit this scarf now.

  3. Skewers Says:

    Mwhahahahaaa! I will torment your world with my fine-gauge knitting temptations. Come to the dark side!

    Of course, to be reasonable, you could always knit it in sock-weight yarn on size fours and not do as many center panel repeats. That might be saner.

    — Skewers

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