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nerdy happiness February 16, 2008

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I love this place more and more the longer I’m here. Went to an indie film fest tonight, had a vegan meal at a diner, and saw rainbow flags flying everywhere.

Then I came home to 3 Cory Doctorow books (my bro’s birthday present to me).

And I love my job. LOVE IT! There is a hot vegan girl there that I’ll be working with a bunch. She found out I was vegan too today, and gave me a high five.  And offered me un-buttered popcorn. I offered to bring in vegan cookies next week.

Happily yours,



3 Responses to “nerdy happiness”

  1. Skewers Says:


  2. Skewers Says:

    Wait — skooers?

    Have you been at the jack again??

  3. poweroffluff Says:

    If I had been at the jack, it would have looked more like “alcjnworg”

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