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chattering February 7, 2008

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Even though a country is between us, Skewers and I still spend a rather large amount of time conversing with each other. Mostly about fiber (especially when at work).

Here is just a sample of what we discuss, in rapid-fire emails, sometimes 4 different conversations going at once.

Scarves: I want to spin a Meredith Bragg inspired yarn. I am thinking browns with reds mixed in. Is that too nerdy? I would spin it while listening to Meredith Bragg, and then probably knit a scarf or something out of it.
Skewers: It is totally nerdy, but really amusing. Would you send it to him?
Scarves: Oh god no! That would be way too embarrassing. I would keep it for myself, and it would cheer me up when I am down. And if I ever got to see him play a live show, I’d wear it. But not mention the inspiration. I still get all flustered when I talk to him in person.
Skewers: Aww. He’d be so flattered, wouldn’t he? Wouldn’t anybody?


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