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Like Bacon and Eggs January 31, 2008

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Sappho and Wheel

Dearest Scarves,

Here is my perfect princess, Sappho, looking her hungriest for the camera, and my newest priceless acquisition, a Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel.  I made fingering weight, 2-ply handspun tonight.  Almost two ounces.  In one night.  It’s soft, balanced, lovely.   Some day, when you too can take advantage of a pile of christmas money all for one thing, you must get one of these.  Spinning wheels are indeed magic.  This wheel has magically made me into a better spinner.  I’m not even cussing that much anymore!  I sit, entranced, lulled by quiet whirrs and ticks, making yarn, string, thread!  

I’m in love.

–  Skewers


Bad humor January 29, 2008

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I have been in a spinning frenzy lately. I have a habit of pulling the roving too thin, thus having it break while I’m spinning it. Tonight my spindle fell on the floor, and I thought “well, that’s why it’s called a drop spindle!”

I am so very glad I did not say this out loud.

Oh a much less lame note, here is the yarn I have spun lately.


First sock attempt

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Well, my better knitting half convinced me to not only give DPNs a try, but socks as well. So far I have one cuff of one sock done. I am afraid to start the heel, so they will probably be very tall socks. I will keep telling myself “one more inch, one more inch” all in a desperate attempt to avoid turning the heel.